Thursday 16.07.2020

Trump asked if Finland was a part of Russia

Trump’s ex-adviser John Bolton wrote in his book about the President’s lack of basic knowledge of foreign policy.

US National Security Advisor John Bolton. Photo: dpa.
US National Security Advisor John Bolton. Photo: dpa.

John R. Bolton, the former national security adviser of President Donald Trump, wrote a book, titled 'The Room Where It Happened', about his 17 months in White House.

The book has yet to be released, but a few preliminary copies have been sent to major newspapers.

The New York Times is one of them. And according to their summary, Bolton gave some examples of Trump’s lack of basic knowledge foreign policy and geography. For example, Trump once asked his chief of staff whether Finland was a part of Russia.

Donald Trump also did not know if Britain was a nuclear power.

Bolton worked for the administration between April 2018 to September 2019 and he is known as a "fastidious note-taker".

The Trump administration is trying to stop the book’s distribution on grounds that it includes classified information.

And, last note. Finland is not a part of Russia. Last time the Soviet Union occupied Finland was in 1939, but Finns managed to secure their freedom after the Winter War.