Thursday 28.05.2020

True Finns again Finland's main party, a survey says

The far-right and anti-immigration populists got 24.3% in voting intention, according to a survey by the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation (Yle).
Graphic: / Data: Yle.
Graphic: / Data: Yle.

The party of the True Finns (Perussuomalaiset) are again Finland's main political party in voting intention, says a survey conducted in November by the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation (Yle).

According to the results, the far-right and anti-immigration party achieved 24.3% in voting intention, 5.7 points above the second group, the right-wing National Coalition Party (or Kokoomus, in Finnish), which achieved 18.6%.

Far behind ranked the parties that form the current government coalition: Green League (Vihreät), with 13.9%; Social Democratic Party (SDP), which drops to 13.2%; Centre Party (Keskusta), which obtains 10.6%; Left Alliance (Vasemmistoliitto), with 8.4% and the Swedish People's Party (RKP), with 3.9% in voting intention.

SDP and Keskusta outnumbered

Perhaps the most striking of these results is that the True Finns alone already outnumbered the two main partners of the current Government coalition in voting intention. The SDP and Keskusta together account for 23.8%, compared to 24.3% of the right-wing populists.

Outside of the Governmet coalition, the Christian Democrats (KD) got 3.9%, the same percentage as the party Movement Now (Liike Nyt). Other smaller groups shared the remaining 2%.

Experts cited by Yle attributed the leak of support to the Perussuomalaiset to dissatisfied former voters of SDP and Keskusta, in addition to a change operated among the undecided and people not very committed to politics.