Tuesday. 31.03.2020
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92 new cases of coronavirus diagnosed in the last 24 hours in Finland

According to THL, 73 patients are hospitalized and 17 people are in intensive care.
92 new cases of coronavirus diagnosed in the last 24 hours in Finland

The coronavirus (koronavirus, in Finnish) is spreading further in Finland.

On Tuesday 24 March at 12:30 the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) reported that the number of laboratory-confirmed infections of Covid-19 is now 792.

This is 92 more cases (or 13% more) than the previous day. The figure is based on laboratory-verified infections that THL has collected directly from the hospital districts.

So far, only one death caused by coronavirus occurred in Finland last Friday, though authorities took one day to report.

17 people in intensive care

According to THL's figures, 61% of the infected people are men and 39% are women. Most of the cases found in Finland have been mild, but there are currently 73 patients hospitalized and 17 people in intensive care.

On the other hand, the good news is that according to THL "several people" (the health agency does not specify how many) have already recovered.

The Register of Communicable Diseases has been notified of 510 cases.

More restrictive measures demanded

As the epidemic progresses, and in view of what is happening in other European countries, there are more requests in Finland for more restrictive measures, formulated by the health personnel, the Finnish media and private citizens on social media.

At the time of writing this article, the Government was meeting with parliamentary groups at the House of the Estates to discuss about new measures to curb the epidemic such as the isolation of the Helsinki region and the possible closure of some public establishments. The meeting started at 10:00.