Saturday 9/19/20

British woman arrested for killing her child died in Vantaa prison

The woman had previously threatened to commit suicide.
British woman arrested for killing her child died in Vantaa prison

The 35-year-old British woman arrested in January for killing her under school age child died last night in the Vantaa prison, informed today the Western Uusimaa Police Department.

According to a previous press release, the crime was committed on Sunday 19 January inside one apartment in the Suurpelto area. When the police arrived at the apartment, the child was already dead and the mother admitted the crime. Police were investigating it as a murder.

Subsequently, the mother was arrested and transferred to the Vantaa prison where, according to Police information, she passed away today on the 6th February.

According to other sources in the case consulted by, the woman had previously threatened to commit suicide.

Police say the cause of death is being investigated by the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department.

English teacher

"Commenting on the investigation of the cause of death is limited by strict confidentiality. What can be said on a general basis is that police are investigating the circumstances that have led to the dead," says Deputy Chief Inspector Petri Eronen.

The woman had been previously working as an English teacher in Helsinki and moved to Suurpelto, in Espoo, last year. Both the mother and the child were British citizens.

Police said they will inform more on the situation as the investigation proceeds.