Saturday 7/24/21

Police detain a suspect of abusing minor girls for years in his Helsinki apartment

The Helsinki police department published a photograph of the detainee so that his possible victims may contact the investigators and help clarify the case.

Eno suspect abuse
'Eno', the suspect of committing numerous abuses on underage girls in Helsinki. Photo: Helsingin Poliisi.

Helsinki police have arrested a man suspected of having committed numerous sexual crimes against minors since 2006. According to the information collected during the investigation, these crimes took place in his apartment in Laajasalo (Helsinki), where he provided alcohol and drugs to his victims.

The police explained in a statement that at least twelve girls have been victims of this abuser, born in the 1950s and known as 'Eno' by his victims. Investigators believe he is responsible of several child rapes and abuses 

Precisely, in order to find out the scope of all his crimes, the police have published a photo of the suspect. With such an unusual publication, the police expect that other persons who may have been his victims in the past can provide information that is useful to the investigation and to build the case.


"We know there is at least one victim whose identity is still unknown. It may be that some of the victims were not aware of being sexually abused as several of them were given alcohol or other substances by the suspect and were unconscious at the time of the abuse” explained Detective Chief Inspector Saara Asmundela, from the Helsinki Police Department.

"We ask that anyone who suspects that has been a victim of a crime or that may know something that might be helpful in solving the matter, should contact us. This is a serious criminal offense, in which the details of the victims and witnesses play an important role, Asmundela emphasized.

Still punishable

The police remarked that, though some years have passed and some of the victims today are adults, the information is still relevant for the purpose of establishing the case. And the acts may still be punishable according to the law.

Therefore, the police request anyone who may have any kind of relevant information to contact them using the following email address: [email protected]

The police also said they want to protect the victims. Therefore, no detailed information about them will be made public.

*Images included in this article by the Helsinki Police Department.