Wednesday 5/12/21

60 detained during protest against Covid-19 restrictions in Helsinki

A protest of 6 people was notified to the police, but it turned into a demonstration attended by more than 300.
Police forces in Helsinki on May Day. Image: Twitter/@NannaIlopaa.
Police forces in Helsinki on May Day. Image: Twitter/@NannaIlopaa.

The Finns celebrated May 1 (Vappu) in a political and social environment marked by restrictions on public meetings imposed by the government to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The police had issued in the previous days notices to the population through the media, warning that gatherings of more than 6 people would not be tolerated.

And in general, the May Day passed calmly except for a protest in Helsinki, precisely against the Covid-19 restrictions, which ended up becoming a massive march.

According to police information, the demonstration began at around 14:00 near the Finlandia Hall.

Police said they ordered the crowd to disperse but, as the protesters did not follow orders, the security forces dispersed the participants and arrested 50 people.


However, not all of them agreed to go home. Some 100 protesters later gathered again in the central Esplanadi park, where another 10 people were detained by the police.

Police said the demonstration was a continuation of previous marches against the coronavirus restrictions.

In general, the security forces say that the May Day was peaceful in Helsinki and that people complied well with the restrictions.