Sunday 9/20/20

Finland recorded 6,207 more deaths than births so far this year

Official figures show that births decreased twice as fast as deaths, which causes the progressive aging of the population.

Finland recorded 6,207 more deaths than births so far this year

The population of Finland increased between January and October, but only due to the arrival of immigrants. Childbirths continued to decrease all over the country, to the point that so far the number of deaths is already 6,207 greater than births.

According to Statistics Finland's preliminary data, Finland's population was 5,526,306 at the end of October. The country's population increased by 8,387 persons during the January-October period. The statistical office says the reason for the increase was "migration gain from abroad", since immigration exceeded emigration by 14,982.

From January to October, 38,351 children were born in Finland, which is 1,953 fewer than in the corresponding period in 2018. Meanwhile, the number of deaths was 44,558, which is also 808 lower than one year earlier. These figures show that births decrease more than twice as fast as deaths, which leads the country to the progressive aging of its population.


Source: Statistics Finland.

27,523 immigrants

According to the preliminary statistics for October, 27,523 persons immigrated to Finland from abroad and 12,541 persons emigrated from Finland. The number of immigrants was 1,007 higher and the number of emigrants 4,435 lower than in the corresponding period of the previous year.

In all, 7,566 of the immigrants and 8,591 of the emigrants were Finnish citizens, remarked Statistics Finland.

The number of inter-municipal migrations totaled 244,458 during January-October. Compared with the corresponding period in 2018, the decrease was 2,058 migrations according to the municipal division of 2019.