Tuesday. 21.01.2020
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One month delays to receive residence permit cards

The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) warns that backlogs will last until the end of 2019 due to shortage of personnel.

Image: Migri.
Image: Migri.
One month delays to receive residence permit cards

Migri is not only late with the processing of residence permits for students. The Finnish Immigration Service accumulates delays also in the delivery of residence cards due to the lack of sufficient workers.

The immigration authority admitted in its customer bulletin "current delays in the delivery of residence permit cards". According to the information published, customers are getting their cards about 4 weeks after receiving the positive decision. Migri said "normally" the time to arrive should be 2-3 weeks and warns that the current delays "will continue until the end of 2019".

The delays are affecting all residence permit cards. Also family members of EU citizens need to wait for their residence cards longer than usually.

The reason for the delays is a shortage of personnel, according to Migri's statement.

Delivered by post

If you are staying in Finland and you are granted a residence permit, the Finnish Immigration Service will send you a residence permit card by post. If you submitted your application abroad, you will get the card through a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate). The delays are not affecting the delivery of residence permit cards to Finnish missions. You will be informed of the decision as usual

If the decision on your residence permit application is positive, you will be informed of the decision in the normal way. This means that if you applied for a residence permit online in Enter Finland, you will be notified immediately in the online service when the decision is ready. If you submitted a paper application, you will be notified of the decision by post.