Thursday 28.05.2020

Police guidelines for legal and safe use of fireworks in New Year

Fireworks can be legally used only from 18:00 to 2:00. Fireworks should never be handled by drunk people and safety glasses are mandatory. The police will confiscate any fireworks held by minors.
Police guidelines for legal and safe use of fireworks in New Year

As every December 31, the authorities expect thousands of people to travel to the center of Helsinki to participate in the farewell party of the year that ends and welcome the new one.

The Finnish capital will host an official New Year's Eve celebration in Kansalaistori Square, hosted by Alina Tomnikov and Constantinos 'Gobi'  Mavromichalis. There will be performances by famous singers, rappers and DJs. Additionally, Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori will deliver the traditional New Year's speech.

The evening will culminate with an spectacle of "impressive fireworks", as the city of Helsinki describes it. Throughout the Finnish capital, there will be also several smaller celebrations and fireworks organized by individuals, associations or companies.

The police believe that many people in the metropolitan area of ​​the capital will travel to downtown Helsinki to join the celebrations.

A tradition in Finland's New Year celebration

In order to avoid unwanted accidents, specially among those persons who intend to use fireworks -the use of which is very traditional in Finland on New Year- the Police has released a list of guidelines and recommendations.

"Anyone can avoid insecurity and danger with care and the right attitude. Fireworks should not be handled drunk or handed over to  minors. A responsible group, for example, should prevent a drunken friend from handling fireworks," says Jussi Huhtela, Senior Commissioner.

  1. Using fireworks is only allowed on New Year's Eve from 18:00 to 2:00 on New Year's day.
  2. Fireworks must not be handled drunk.
  3. Do not distribute fireworks to minors. Fireworks will be confiscated from minors without compensation for the resulting financial loss.
  4. Remember good manners and think of the others. Choose a location for using fireworks that does not endanger people, buildings, vehicles, or other property. Also, make sure that fireworks do not cause unreasonable harm to people or animals, for example.
  5. Safety glasses are mandatory. Read and follow the operating instructions for the fireworks display. Follow the instructions to leave the product at a safe distance.