Thursday 12/3/20

Finland adds 267 new infections in 24 hours

Helsinki and Espoo are the cities most affected. Find in this article the number of Covid-19 infections diagnosed by municipality.

A sign with instructions to wash hands in a public bathroom. Photo:
A sign with instructions to wash hands in a public bathroom. Photo:

The situation in Finland becomes more complicated day after day.

According to the latest figures published by the National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL), the country diagnosed 267 new cases of coronarivus (koronavirus, in Finnish) in the last 24 hours.

The total number of infections raises to 1882 on Saturday 4 April. This is 16.5% more than on Friday, when the number of cases reported was 1,615. However, THL says the figures include also the results of some tests previously made.

Until Friday, the coronavirus had claimed 20 lives in Finland.

Cases by municipality

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has begun to release the figures on coronavirus (koronavirus, in Finnish) infections by municipality.

According to the last available figures, Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa are the municipalities with the highest number of cases. 

Espoo 161
Hämmeenlinna  10
Helsinki 511
Jämsa 6
Järvenpää 25
Jyväskylä 43
Kaarina 6
Kangasala 10
Kauniainen 10
Kemi 6
Kerava 9
Kirkkonummi 19
Kittilä 8
Kiuruvesi 11
Kouvola 6
Kuopio 20
Lahti 21
Laitila 5
Lappeenranta 7
Lohja 22
Mikkeli 20
Muurame 7
Nurmijärvi 14
Oulu 55
Pirkkala 5
Pori 11
Porvoo 16
Raasepori 11
Rauma 5
Riihimäki 6
Rovaniemi 13
Salo 10
Seinäjoki 11
Sipoo 30
Siuntio 6
Tampere 71
Turku 27
Tuusula 14
Vaasa 18
Valkeakoski 11
Vantaa 88
Vihti 8

Number of cases by Municipality. Source: THL.

These data by municipality only includes those cities with at least 5 cases. The figures correspond to 3 April 2020, so they may not match the last total number of cases reported.

The list of cases by municipality will be updated as soon as THL publishes the new data corresponding to 4 April.