Wednesday 10/28/20

Number of passengers at Finnish airports plummeted 86% in August

Air freight and mail transport has also decreased by 41% so far this year.

Helsinki-airport-hall by Finavia
The Helsinki-Vantaa airport hall. Photo: Finavia/File photo.

The decline in the air transport business was huge again in August.

According to Statistics Finland's figures, altogether 332,958 passengers flew through Finnish airports in August 2020, which was 86% lower than one year before.

There were 272,715 passengers at Helsinki-Vantaa airport (87% less year-on-year) and a total of 60,243 passengers at other domestic airports (78% down compared to August 2019). Helsinki-Vantaa accounted for 82% of all passengers at domestic airports.

70% of the passengers were from international flights and 30% from domestic flights. Of the passengers at Helsinki-Vantaa, 82% were from international flights.

Passengers-Finnish-Airports-August-2020Source: Statistics Finland.


In the January to August period altogether 5.7 million passengers flew through Finnish airports, which was 68% lower than one year before. 71% of the passengers were from international flights and 29% from domestic flights.

There were 4.5 million passengers at Helsinki-Vantaa airport and 1.2 million at other domestic airports. Helsinki Airport accounted for 79% of all passengers at domestic airports.

In the January to August period of 2020 air freight and mail transports amounted to 87,004 tonnes, which was 41% lower than one year before. 98% of those goods were transported through Helsinki airport and 99% were transported between Finland and other countries. Altogether 47,888 tonnes of the goods were outgoing and 39,116 tonnes were incoming.