Saturday 04.07.2020

New era of Finnish FinTech

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the largest financial technology companies in Finland.

New era of Finnish FinTech

As we all know the Finnish people are quite good with various technology projects and innovations related to FinTech. In short the term fintech means financial technology. Financial technology can be virtually anything about moving funds abroad, transfering money locally or processing online payments at various online stores.

FinTech is also expanding to completely new areas of payment processing witch blockchain. Many famous virtual currencies that are also called crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and EOS are good examples about successful crypto currencies just to name a few of the prime examples.

Now we will be introducing you to a few of the biggest FinTech companies that exist in Finland in 2019.



Ferratum is one of the biggest Finnish FinTech brands generating more than 200 million euro in revenue. Any other company is not even close to this amount as of right now but most likely the leadership might change in the coming years. 

Ferratum is also one of the oldest FinTech companies since they started their operations approximately 15 years ago making them one of the oldest FinTech brands in the world.

Currently they have offices in 5 countries and are operational in over 20 countries. Headquarters still lie in the city center of Helsinki.



This payment provider saw huge increase in the amount of money transferred trough its payment ways after huge surge of online casinos adapting the technology in 2016.

Especially with the new Pay’N’Play operators Trustly told the public that currently there is more than 100 unique operators using their Pay’N’Play technology mainly in Finland and Sweden.

IPF digital

With clear mission in mind IPF digital is keen about introducing completely new technologies and various tool for customers. They want to keep their focus on enabling more and more benefits for their customers that other FinTech companies are currently not using. 

Prime example about their products is Creditea Mobile wallet that gives customers rewards and cashback based on their daily spending habits at places such as Finnish grocery stores.


Even though this company is mostly known for their anti-virus protection services in early 2000´s they are big player in FinTech too. This is also the only company that is still operating and is more experienced than Ferratum.

F-Secure has been in the business from 1988 and we are not seeing any stops for this magnificent train of success.


Last but not least on our list is Sortter. Their services are mainly focusing on comparing bank loans in Finland just like other comparison sites online that compare hotels or the price of your flight ticket.

With excellement sorting algorithms and great connections to the banks of Finland they are able to arrange such deals to the customers that are looking to acquire assets such as cars, real-estate or other investments.