Friday. 22.03.2019
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Matthew Kennington English teacher, published translator and writer

The Universals

It is said that we have never been so connected. We can interact with hundreds of people from all over the world in a matter of seconds....


I’ve been walking a lot recently, avoiding social media, trying to improve my wellbeing, listening to my inner voice more. We all talk...

The Elephant (Brexit)

There is a new rule whenever my parents visit me in Spain or when I stay with them in England. Do not mention the ‘B’ Word. Alcohol...
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Tales from The Wall #1

The conversation started innocuously enough. Olaf was informing me that the owners of the property, where his family were to spend the weekend, belonged to an English couple from Brighton. To reinforce the statement he pulled out his I phone and showed me an email from them which gave away their surname. I nodded my agreement, confirming that it was a very English sounding name indeed. In…
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