Monday. 21.01.2019
El tiempo

Who we are is a Finnish online journal based in the city of Helsinki (Finland). We intend to use all the resources that the information society offers to bring relevant contents to the audience and help to solve problems.

Our aim is to promote understanding among foreigners about the functioning of Finnish society and its people. And we want to do that by providing all foreigners that come to Finland with relevant and useful information to visit the country, to start a business, to settle for living or to just understand its lifestyle. will offer daily fresh news, practical info, legal consulting services and a debate space to discuss any relevant issues for expats, migrants, tourists, international students and Finns who are interested in the reality of the foreigners and their problems.

We encourage our readers to join us on these tasks and participate in our debates by sending us their comments by registering to receive our Newsletters and by using our Letters to Editor services, always with a critical spirit but also with the utmost respect for Finnish institutions, Finnish Law and Finnish people.