Police need help to find two young people who disappeared in New Year | 02 de January de 2020

Markus Heikkilä and Salla-Mari Tuorilainen. Photos: Police.
Markus Heikkilä and Salla-Mari Tuorilainen. Photos: Police.

Both were last seen at midnight in a restaurant in downtown Iisalmi.

The Eastern Finland police are demanding citizen´s collaboration to find Markus Heikkilä and Salla-Mari Tuorilainen. Both missing persons are 20 years old and from Iisalmi.

According to police information, they both were last seen in New Year, around midnight, in a restaurant located in Iisalmi downtown area. After that, it has been impossible to find them or to contact them.

Markus Heikkilä is 160-170 centimetres tall. He has dark short hair and a normal body. Police believes he might be wearing gray jeans, blue shoes and a blue jacket.

Salla-Mari Tuorilainen is about 170 centimetres tall, with brown hair up to the shoulders and a normal body. At the time she seen last, she wore black jeans and a silver glittering top.

Police are requesting any information about Heikkilä and Tuorilainen to be communicated to the Eastern Finland police department by phone at 0295 415 232 or by email at [email protected]

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