Video: Best mobile apps for Finnish learners

Jenni Turunen | 14 de February de 2020

Take advantage of daily bus rides and other spare time and use your mobile phone to study Finnish language.

When studying a new language we can’t deny the power of repetition. New words must be studied many times in order to remember them.

Here is my advice on how to do that: take advantage of daily bus rides and other spare time and study Finnish with your mobile phone. Below,you will see my recommendations on the best, free of charge mobile apps for studying Finnish.

Watch also my video for further explanations. The video has Finnish and English subtitles.

List of best apps:

For vocabulary:

  • Fun Easy Learn, Suomi FEL (6000 sanaa suomeksi).
  • TinyCards.
  • Mitä kello on? (What’s the time?).

For verb conjugation (and vocabulary as well):

  • Quizlet.

For speaking:

  • Speak Finnish.
  • Suomipassi.
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