Saturday 04.07.2020

Give us more opportunities to be part of this society

I came to Finland three years ago from Thailand. My husband is Finnish and we got married in Thailand. For me it was a very long and difficult process to come to live to my husband's home country.
When I finally got the visa and the residence permit, it was only for one year. After a year I had to apply it again. Even being married with a Finnish man, I have got only a temporary residence permit in Finland.
During these three years in Finland I have been learning the Finnish language, I have been studying a new career and now we are expecting our first child. Finland has received me very well and I have got lots of opportunities to integrate to this culture. My dream is to work with elder people as a nurse and raise my children here. Finland is a very good country for the children and I feel fortunate to be able to live here with my family.
I just wish Finland would be more hospitable with Asians. For us it is very difficult to get the visa and the residence permit. All my Asian friends here in Finland are working and most of them have two or three children. We all like Finish nature, the four seasons and we have even learned to appreciate the silence.
I know many people in my country that are trying to come to Finland without success. I hope in the future Finland gives us more opportunities to be able to form part of this great society.

By Stephen Lowe,
26/04/2020 14:27 h.