Sunday 8/1/21

'It's our turn': Videos of Taliban at children's playground go viral

Hundreds of Afghans commented on Twitter and on Facebook
FILED - 03 October 2013, Afghanistan, Kunduz: Bundeswehr soldiers walk across the dusty deployment site after a roll call. Germany has withdrawn the last Bundeswehr soldiers from Afghanistan, ending its mission in the country, sources told DPA on Tuesday evening. Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa
German soldiers walk across the dusty deployment site after a roll call in Kunduz (Afghanistan). Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa/File photo.

As Taliban insurgents advance toward provincial capitals in Afghanistan, videos of several fighters playing on a swing set and slide in a children's park have gone viral on social media.

"Do it faster, faster, wow, wow!” a Taliban fighter says as he films his comrades swinging back and forth. “This park is ours. They [the Afghan government] enjoyed a lot of picnics, now it is our turn."

In another clip, people can be heard giggling as a man haltingly glides down a bright red spiral slide.

It was unclear where the videos were recorded and if they showed the same group of men at play.

Hundreds of Afghans commented on Twitter and on Facebook. Many said the videos are proof that decades of war has denied a generation of people such simple childhood pleasures.

Living in fear

Others said that millions of Afghans are living in fear because fighters like these are waging a devastating war in the country.

The Taliban has taken control of more than a hundred districts since international forces started their withdrawal on 1 May.

In addition, they recently started attacks on the outskirts of several provincial capitals, but so far have been pushed back from taking control by Afghan security forces.

US President Joe Biden said on Friday that American troops will conclude their military mission in Afghanistan by the end of August.

Fears in Pakistan

On Sunday, Pakistani police said they have launched an investigation after funeral mourners for a religious leader in Peshawar (Pakistan) were filmed chanting pro-Taliban slogans and waving flags.

The incident on Saturday took place as international forces leave neighbouring Afghanistan.

There are fears the growing chaos and violence in that country, where Taliban insurgents are making major territorial gains, will spill over into Pakistan.