Thursday 28.05.2020

Two out of every three Finns book their vacations online

The shares were highest in Luxembourg (73%), Finland (65%) and Germany (64%). By contrast, the lowest shares were recorded in Romania (18%), Latvia (22%) and Lithuania (23%).
Image source: Eurostat.
Image source: Eurostat.

In the whole of the EU, in the year 2017, half of internet users said they booked their holiday trips or accommodation facilities online, according to a survey on internet usage conducted by the statistical office of the European Union (Eurostat).

Internet-booking-EU-vacation-holidayHowever, some countries are ahead of the rest in online bookings. The share was highest among internet users in Luxembourg (73%), Finland (65%) and Germany (64%).

High shares of internet use for vacation bookings can be also found in Denmark (60%), Sweden and the United Kingdom (59% both), Netherlands (58%) and Czechia (57%). Outside the European Union there is also a high rate in Switzerland (66%).

Countries with lower use

At the opposite side of the scale, the countries of the European Union whose citizens use less internet to book their holiday are Romania (18%), Latvia (22%), Lithuania (23%), Poland and Hungary (both with a rate of 30%).

Outside the European Union even smaller shares can be found in North Macedonia (13%) and Turkey (15%).

Eurostat details in a press release that booking holiday accommodation or travel via the internet was less common among the European internet users aged 16 to 24 (41%) and older users aged 65 to 74 (47%).

By contrast, internet bookings were most popular among those Europeans aged 25 to 34 (with an average share of 55% in the EU).