Saturday 9/18/21

Posankka, the weird pig-duck statue of Turku turns 20 years old

Posankka is a five meters high marzipan pig and rubber duck hybrid created in 1999 by the artist Alvar Gullichen. The peculiar beauty of Posankka has also been noticed abroad and it was chosen as the world's weirdest statue.
Posankka welcomes visitors who arrive in Turku by Helsinki's road. Photo: ©

When you arrive in Turku from Helsinki, you can see a strange pig-duck greeting you along Helsinginkatu, in front of the spa hotel Caribia.

This 7,5 meters long, 4,3 meters wide and 5 meter high statue was created by the artist Alvar Gullichen. It was meant to be a criticism of modern gene technology and it represents the supposed contradiction between popular and high culture.

Posankka was also influenced by the idea of respecting the heritage of the avantgarde in Turku. The statue may seem strangely familiar to all the fans of Kaj Stenvall and Harro Koskinen, since you may find in Posankka similarities to the great ducks of Kaj Stenvall as well as to the awakened pigs by Harro Koskinen.

The name of Posankka is actually derived of two Finnish words, possu (pig) and ankka (duck).

The strangest statue

Posankka was chosen as the world's weirdest statue on the planet in 2013. It was also number ten in the list of The 11 Most Disturbing Tourist Attractions Around the World. Erected in 1999, Posankka was originally set floating down the Aurajoki. Since 2001 the statue is situated near the Turku Student Village and the campus area of the University of Turku.

At first the statue was an object to controversy, but Posankka quickly become an unofficial and loved mascot of the city of Turku.

20th birthday

Posankka celebrates his 20th birthday this year. To celebrate the anniversary, it has got three baby Posankkas. Those little ones are welcoming the visitors at the ferry terminal of Turku and in the Arrivals Hall of Turku Airport.

This year, Posankka has also been awarded the mascot tittle of the city of Turku.

To celebrate the 20th birthday there are many Posankka products like organically made Posankka-themed silver jewelery, t-shirts, fabric bags, caps, keychains and pastries. Posankka products are available on Posanka's website and also in Turku City Museum Shops.

Posankka is a friend of clean waters and therefore some of the profits of the products will be donated to Keep the Archipelago Clean ry (Pidä Saaristo Siistinä oy).