Thursday 16.07.2020

Video: border reopening under midnight sun in Lapland

Reopening the border has some peculiarities in the remote lands of the Arctic Circle.

Finland effectively reopened its land border with Norway on Monday June 15 at 00:00, as announced by the governments of both countries.

Reopening a border in the remote lands of the Arctic Circle has some peculiarities. And they can be seen in the following video published by the Finnish Border Guard of Lapland (Lapin rajavartiosto, in Finnish).

In the video, a Finnish border guard officer dismantles a traffic light that prevented visitors from crossing into Finland in Nuorgam, a village of 200 inhabitants in the Ustjoki municipality, in the northernmost part of the country.

Despite the hour, the operation is carried out under daylight, which shines 24 hours a day in this remote part of Europe.

The lifting of the control also surprises for its simplicity, it is the simple removal of a traffic light. Little to do with typical complications at other border crossings.