Tuesday. 31.03.2020
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VR plans to cut trains from mid-April

The number of passengers have declined as much as 60% because of coronavirus. Connections with Russia will be suspended after Wednesday.
VR-train-by-Soile-Laaksonen-© VR Group
VR-train-by-Soile-Laaksonen-© VR Group
VR plans to cut trains from mid-April

Train passengers have declined due to the coronavirus situation. VR says the company will have to reduce its long-distance and short-haul traffic due to the effects of the coronavirus (koronavirus, in Finnish) epidemic. The company will start negotiations with temporary layoffs (up to 90 days) for all personnel.

According to the company, passenger numbers in long-haul and short-haul traffic have fallen by as much as 60% in recent days. The company now plans to cut rail services from mid-April.

The main long-distance and short-distance rail connections are not affected. In this way, the company seeks to secure connections within Finland and to ensure service in all geographical areas.


VR announced also on Tuesday morning the Allegro and Tolstoi trains between Finland and Russia will be suspended. Traffic will be suspended due to the Covid-19 containment measures in Finland and Russia. Russia's policy is that foreigners will not be able to enter Russia after 11:00 pm on Tuesday.

VR said that so far the last shifts of both trains will be operated so as to ensure that Finnish and Russian passengers return to their home countries.

The last of the Allegro trains between Helsinki and St. Petersburg will leave Helsinki on Wednesday at 19.00 and St. Petersburg at 20.30. Tolstoi's last departure from Helsinki will be on Wednesday at 17.44.

Passengers who purchased a ticket for a canceled train can claim compensation from VR for the ticket price. The ticket price will be refunded in full. VR's customer service has been congested, resulting in delayed processing of returns.

Passenger traffic between Finland and Russia will remain closed until at least 13 April.