Wednesday 03.06.2020

Rainy and violent weekend in Finland

The body of a young man was found in Joensuu, a shooting was reported in Järvenpää, a police officer was injured in Porvoo and a group fight in Salo ended with two men arrested.

Photo: Lansi Uusimaa Poliisi-Twitter.
Photo: Lansi Uusimaa Poliisi-Twitter.

Despite the return of cold and rain, which may discourage outdoors activity and push many people to stay in their homes, the Finnish authorities had to face a particularly violent weekend. Authorities are investigating the suspected homicide of a young man in Joensuu, a shooting in the streets  of Järvenpää, a group fight in Salo and the run over of a police officer in Porvoo.

According to the information released by the Police, a 26 year old man was found death and with signs of violence in his body in Joensuu (east Finland). The corpse was found near the Noljakka school after midnight.

Police have been conducting an investigation in the area overnight and arrested two suspects of the crime. Investigations continue through interrogations and technical proofs. The investigators asked any possible eyewitnesses who may provide relevant information for the case to contact by phone (0295 415 232) or by email to the address [email protected]).

Shooting in Järvenpää

On Saturday evening the authorities received through the Emergency Center several reports about shots being fired in the center of Järvenpää.(south). According to the information available at the moment, nobody was injured in the incident.

As a result of the alerts, police went to the spot and later carried several inspections of apartments in the Pajala neighbourhood. One suspect was detained on Sunday, according to Yle.

The case is being investigated as an attempted aggravated assault with firearms. The police also asked for any clues and eyewitnesses of the incident to contact them at [email protected]

Police officer injured in Porvoo

Again, a police officer of the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department resulted injured in Porvoo (south). It happened on Friday around 23:00, while a  patrol was monitoring the traffic on Mäntsäläntie and a car driving at considerable speed run over one of them.

According to the information released by the police, the agent who has hit by the car resulted seriously injured and was transported to a hospital.

The car´s driver was immediately arrested and the events are being investigated by the Helsinki Police Department. At this state, the police don´t think the driver had the deliberate intention to harm the police officer.

Two men arrested in Salo

In Salo (southwest) two young men were arrested around 1:00 in the city center after a large fight outside a nightclub. The two arrested are suspicious of three counts of assault.

According to the police, several people said they had been beaten by two young men around twenty years old. Most of the victims were just slightly injured, but one of them had be taken to hospital. The suspects were detained later in another bar.