Monday 25.05.2020

Armed Forces investigate false call to reservists after Iran's missile attack

A text message that orders Finnish reservists to join the service and carry their passports began to circulate as tension in the Middle East rose.

A Finnish soldier in Iraq. Photo: @maavoimat - Twitter.
A Finnish soldier in Iraq. Photo: @maavoimat - Twitter.

Finland's public authorities and the Finnish Armed Forces are investigating the origin of a false text message sent on their behalf in which reservists are called to join the service due to increased tension in the Middle East.

The messages began to circulate among reservists' mobile devices after Iran attacked with missiles two US bases located on Iraqi soil last Wednesday.

"In the name of the Defense Forces, a text message has been sent asking people to come on duty in connection with the situation in the Middle East. This is a scam message. The Defense Forces have not sent a message. The origin of the message is being determined," the Finnish Armed Forces said through its Twitter account.

Finland is one of the few countries in the European Union that still have mandatory military service for its young people. And the permanent fear of a Russian invasion causes the country to have a large number of reservists, which can be mobilized quickly.

According to the Finnish public broadcasting company (Yle), those who received this message were advised to carry their passports. Yle also reported that this fake message has provoked "fear and shock" among young people.