Sunday 05.07.2020

Sharp nails on the road in the same spot in Espoo since 2013

Someone has been throwing sharp nails on the Nöykkiö road for years. Fortunately, a lady has been picking them up every day.

Sharp nails on the road in the same spot in Espoo since 2013

If you think to use Nöykkiö as a shortcut you should think twice because someone has been throwing sharp nails on the road every day. Fortunately, they have been collected by Katariina Vihersalo, who lives in Nöykkiö, a district of the city of Espoo.  

Vihersalo's new hobby started in 2013. According to Helsingin Sanomat, she first collected nails in 2013. Nails were out of the way for several years until they began to appear again in the first week of February 2020.

“In 2013, there were only two nails and I thought maybe it was an injury or the person would stop it. Now it's pretty clear they are not going to quit.”

“They are in one particular section of a hill, about 30 to 50 meters, always in the same place” said Vihersalo.

Vihersalo has been collecting nails with her neighbour several times a day. She's got a flashlight and a magnet to easily collect the nails. She has deliberately walked with a dog through its intersection.

Someone annoyed by cars

Katariina Vihersalo suspects that someone who is annoyed by cars on the road has thrown the nails. Some people still use that section of the road as a shortcut. However, using that part of the road is only allowed for residents.

"They run unauthorized, and it also annoys myself, but I haven't started throwing nails down the road" said Vihersalo.

She is worried that a dog or a child, for example, may be injured because of the nails. She has once stepped on the nail so that it went through the sole of the shoe.

She hopes that the person who throws the nails will realize that they are really a danger to others.