Sunday 9/20/20

Police request information about missing woman

Lena Lindgren was seen last time in Lapland, but her car was found last week in Southern Savonia. The vehicle had been equipped with winter tyres even during the summer.
Lena Lindgren. Photo: Helsinki Police.
Lena Lindgren. Photo: Helsinki Police.

Helsinki Police are asking for observations of a 60 year old woman who is missing since September.

Lena Lindgren (born in Helsinki in 1959) was seen last time on 1 September in Tornio (east of Lapland, near the Swedish border). The police suspect that since that day she may have been able to visit both Finland and Sweden.

Police investigators found Lindgren's car in Juva (Southern Savonia, 270 kilometers north-east from Helsinki) on 10 October.

"Police are asking for observations from Lena Lindgren since September. She has been driving a grey Toyota passenger car with registration number GFS-620. The car has had winter tires in the summer as well", says crime commissioner Reijo Enqvist of the Helsinki Police Department.

Police asked to report any information or findings to the number 0295 476 148 (from 8:00 to 16:00) or by email to [email protected]