Tuesday. 31.03.2020
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Toilet paper is already in stores; people now looking for paracetamol

People run to pharmacies for paracetamol but it is hard to find.
Two packets of Paracetamol. Photo: Foreigner.fi
Two packets of Paracetamol. Photo: Foreigner.fi
Toilet paper is already in stores; people now looking for paracetamol

The number of coronavirus (koronavirus, in Finnish) cases is increasing in Finland daily. In addition, a lot of information is being spread -false or not-, on social media about which are the most appropriate medications to cut the symptoms of the disease.

Some say that anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen could aggravate Covid-19. People advise each other not use NSAID’s, and instead use paracetamol. Therefore, the demand for paracetemol is rising. However, the product is not available in many pharmacies.

On the other hand, on Wednesday the National Agency for Medicines (Fimea) stated that there was no convincing scientific evidence that anti-inflammatory drugs could aggravate coronavirus.

According to Fimea, the European Medicines Agency's Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) is currently evaluating the safety information regarding the use of ibuprofen and ketoprofen in serious infections.

However, Fimea also added, “There is a need for new research to determine whether the use of NSAIDs has an effect on the coronavirus infection.

Similar to the toilet paper panic experienced one week ago, now paracetamol is under high demand.

Toilet-paper-store-by-Ali-AbadayThere is plenty of toilet paper in Finnish stores right now, after last week's panic. Photo: Ali Abaday.

Some pharmacies in the Helsinki-Uusimaa area have run out of these medications.

When asked when it will be available again, they say it will take a few days to get more, as there is a shortage of supply at their storage center as well.