Friday 7/30/21

Taxi driver reported racist attack in Vantaa

According to police information, two men entered his vehicle, one of whom named him racistly and physically attacked him.

A taxi driver has reported to the police an alleged racist attack which happened on Monday, November 18, in the city of Vantaa.

According to police information, the incident occurred when two men entered the victim's taxi, which was the first vacant at the Peltolantie taxi stop, and one of them began to name the driver "inappropriately and racistly."

The East Uusimaa Police Department says the taxi driver had asked the men to leave his vehicle and take the next one available. But at that point, one of the clients became nervous and "physically attacked" the driver.

After the assault, both men left the place on foot and have not been reached so far. The victim went to his occupational health examination and reported the crime.