Saturday 11/28/20

15 people killed, 347 injured on Finnish roads in October

So far this year, 17 pedestrians and 21 cyclists have died

The numbers of deaths and injuries in road accidents continue to bring some bad news.

In October, 297 accidents involving personal injury happened in road traffic, according to preliminary data of Statistics Finland.

In them, 15 people were killed and 347 injured. The number of killed was 1 higher and that of persons injured 67 lower than in October 2019.

Of the people who lost their lives, 10 travelled by passenger car and 1 by van. Pedestrians killed in road traffic accidents numbered 2 and cyclists 2. Among those who died, 11 were men and 4 were women.


So far in 2020, a total of 3,012 road traffic accidents involving personal injury happened in January to October. In them, 184 persons were killed and 3,691 persons injured.

The number of persons killed was 2 higher and that of persons injured 534 lower than in the corresponding period of 2019.

Of the persons who were killed, 109 travelled by passenger car, 9 by van, 2 by moped, 16 by motorcycle and 2 by lorry. Pedestrians killed numbered 17 and cyclists 21. In addition, 8 other road users were killed.