Wednesday 10/28/20

Minister Ohisalo announced she will stay home because of the flu

The Interior Minister said it is seasonal flu.

The Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo. Photo: Kosti Keistinen/Finnish-Government.

Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo (Green League) said on Twitter she will be staying at home because of the flu. Ohisalo says she has been home since Tuesday and will continue there working until Thursday at least.

Maria Ohisalo says she does the essentials over the phone but otherwise focuses on resting.

Ohisalo's tweet says it's seasonal flu. Interior Minister will not attend parliamentary Question Time on Thursday.

Also, the Finnish Parliament will end its guided visits to the Parliament House for the time being.

MPs and officials may cancel foreign travel already acquired if the purpose of the trip is endangered by the risk of coronavirus (koronavirus, in Finnish) infection.

In addition, MPs have been advised to avoid shaking hands, and the parliamentary health station has reminded MPs of washing their hands.