Monday 4/12/21

HSL and VR commuter trains canceled Thursday and Friday

Long-distance trains will run normally.
11 November 2020. passengers, about to board a commuter train in the Helsinki region (Kerava). Photo:
Passengers, about to board a commuter train in the Helsinki region. Photo:

The commuter trains of the HSL and VR networks will not run on Thursday and Friday, March 18-19, the Finnish train operator announced on Wednesday.

According to the press release issued by VR, the train drivers that belong to the Finnish Railway Industries Union (RAU) and Riihimäki's train drivers association have gone on strike and will not go to work on Thursday and Friday shifts in Helsinki and Riikhimäki.

The protest will cause the cancelations of all commuter trains of HSL (A, E, I, K, L, P, U, Y) and VR (D, G, R, T, Z, M), the company said. 

Breach of contract

This industrial action is an objection to a breach of contract by VR and changes to the agreed working conditions, according to the union.

The train drivers will return to work on Saturday 20 March.

VR regrets "the inconvenience caused to passengers by the situation."

Long-distance trains will run normally. The strike will not affect VR's freight traffic either.