Wednesday 10/28/20

Finnish police harshly criticize families and children in Pori

Police alerts of fights between immigrant and local teenagers and calls parents to ensure that their children stay away from such situations.
young people
Photo: Pixabay

On Monday, the Southwestern Finland Police Department released a press release and said that officers had to break up rowdy groups of up to 100 youngsters during the long Easter weekend.

Police said those involved ranged from under age 15 to over 18, and that fistfights had broken out.

According to the statement, "in these large groups, there were differences of opinion between people from at least the Middle East and Satakunta," the region that includes Pori.

The statement called this behavior as "childish and stupid".

It addressed parents and guardians to ensure that "at least the younger participants" stay away from such situations, adding that "it would not be a waste if slightly older children spent their time in some more useful activity."