Saturday 3/6/21

Second police alert in 2 weeks: counterfeit money circulating in Finland

Fake banknotes have been offered in small shops and food stores.

Counterfeit banknotes of 10€ and 20€ are circulating in Finland. The police have given their second alert in two weeks.

According to Eastern Finland Police Department, several attempts to pay multiple purchases with counterfeit money have been detected recently in Northern Savo. The most common are 10€ and 20€.

The banknotes have been offered in small shops and food stores. Police recommends banknote receivers to carefully check whether the banknote is genuine or, if possible, use a money recognition device for small banknotes.

Invalid marks

Police said those counterfeit notes are "difficult to read", invalid and have copy evidences or sometimes even the sign 'movie money' on them, which marks the fake notes printed to be used in cinema or television shootings. However, police experts admit there are also other fake banknotes circulating that do not have these characteristics.

Two weeks ago, also the Lapland Police Department informed that 20€ counterfeit banknotes had been detected in Northern Finland. Cases were reported in Meri-Lappi and in Rovaniemi. According to the police, those notes also had obvious anomalies, for example a darker hologram pattern.