Saturday 1/16/21

Bicycle thieves caught by police in Espoo

Stolen Jopo, Baana, Jippo and Merida bicycles were found.
Parked bicycles. Photo: photo.
Parked bicycles. Photo: photo.

The police have ended the activity of several bicycle thieves, who this summer are being especially restless in the western Helsinki region.

According to police information, on Sunday morning 26 July, several of these criminals were caught in Espoo's districts of Kilo and Leppävaara after reports from the local residents.

In the first case residents informed the emergency center about three men carrying bicycles from the woods to the walkway. The suspects fled the scene but two of the them were later caught by the police patrol.

Police found bolt cutters and other tools on them. Stolen Jopo, Baana and Jippo bicycles were found in the bushes next to the caught men. These men are also suspected of breaking into a nearby storage room.

In the other case the police was notified about a man who was looking at parked bicycles in Leppävaara. He fled the scene but was followed by a bystander until the police patrol arrived and caught the perpetrator. The Merida bicycle he was driving turned out to be stolen.

"Replacement" bikes

Police said when a bicycle is stolen, a ”replacement” bike may be left at the scene. These are bikes used by the thieves to get around looking for something more valuable to steal. Several bicycles can be stolen at once and left in the bushes for a later pick up.

Thieves usually carry tools, especially bolt cutters, which are able to cut through many locks.

Always lock your bicycles with a sturdy lock around its frame to some structure or a bicycle rack. Photo: Police.

Photo: Police.

Police recommend always lock bicycles with a sturdy lock around its frame to some structure or a bicycle rack. When witnessing an ongoing bicycle theft, inform the emergency center 112 about the situation. The arriving police patrol needs the information about perpetrator, the stolen bicycle and direction of thief’s get away.