Sunday 6/20/21

Migri will wait until the end of the year for late documents due to postal strike

The Finnish Immigration agency informed in its latest customer bulletin that they will take into account the effects of the industrial action when processing applications.
Finnish Immigration Service officials. Photo: @maahanmuuttovir/Twitter.

The postal strike that took place in Finland -and which provoked the fall of the Government- ended on 27 November. However, its effect are still noticeable. According to the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), some additional documents sent by customers during the industrial action may still be arriving late to its offices.

In its latest customer bulletin, the Immigration agency informed that officials "will take the effects of the postal strike into account" when processing applications and documents. In practice, this means that if Migri has sent to an applicant a request for additional information just before the strike, they will wait for the documents "until the end of the year".

Online submission recommended

Migri recommends those customers who applied for a residence permit of citizenship through the online service Enter Finland to use the same system to submit any additional documents requested.

The Finnish Immigration Service emphasizes that, by using the electronic services, "you documents will reach us immediately".