Thursday. 02.04.2020
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Finland planning to expedite work permits for large companies

The Government aims to address the decrease in birth rates, the aging population and a worrying labor shortage in specific sectors.

Finland planning to expedite work permits for large companies

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has suggested fast tracking work permits for foreign workers recruited by big companies, the Finnish Broadcasting Network (Yle) reported.

"One option is accrediting employers that are trustworthy, stable and large. Ones we know follow rules and abide by labour agreements. These employers could have their own channel for permits," said Minister of Employment, Tuula Haatainen.

This would mean that workers without criminal records would almost be guaranteed a residence permit if securing a contract with a company that has the state’s seal of approval. "Our companies have a shortage of specialized workers in different professional groups and there’s no quick way to fill these positions," Haatainen said.

Finnish law currently states that open positions should be filled wherever possible by EU or EEA citizens, and only if that is not possible can a work permit be granted for someone from outside those countries.

According to the Employment and Development Offices (TE offices), Finland is suffering from a shortage of people to work in the coding industry, metallurgy, maritime, tourism and healthcare industry.