Thursday 28.05.2020

The future of van Gogh's exhibition is uncertain

Group bookings for September and October are sold out. However, Vincent van Gogh’s art exhibition's fate may be confirmed in June.
Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay

In Finland, all public and some privates museums have closed due to Coronavirus (koronavirus, in Finnish). The Didrichsen Art Museum is one of them.

Maria Didrichsen, director of Didrichsen Art Museum talked to Yle and said, “The situation is very sad for the whole cultural sector. Economically, it is catastrophic."

The financial loss caused by the coronavirus epidemic to the museum amounts to hundreds of thousands of euros, she explained.

The fate of the staff is also uncertain. Didrichsen Art Museum has five permanent employees and ten hourly workers.

Currently, Maria Didrichsen is concerned about Vincent van Gogh’s art exhibition. The museum's "greatest ever attraction" is set to open in early September.

It was planned that the paintings would be transported from the Netherlands by air freight, but flights could be canceled due to the Covid-19 and transport would not be resolved.


“There are many uncertainties. It's hard to say what's going on. So far, the Dutch believe that the exhibition will take place,” said Didrichsen.

The fate of the exhibition may be confirmed in June.

Vincent van Gogh has already attracted public attention. Group bookings for September and October are sold out.