Saturday 1/23/21

Summer time is here: remember to change the clock

On Sunday 29 March all clocks in Europe should be moved forward one hour.
Clock watch time
Clock watch time

Summer time officially starts in the early hours of Sunday morning, 29 March, meaning Europe will get an extra hour of sunlight.

In Finland, this weekend the clocks go forward an hour at 3:00 am on Sunday. In other words, at 3:00 am clocks must be changed to 4:00 am.

Summer time will stay in Europe until the last Sunday of October, when clocks will go back 1 hour. There’s more daylight in the evenings and less in the mornings.

Check your smartphone

Computers, smartphones tablets and smart watches will change automatically unless they are set to manual. People at their homes will mainly need to change most regular watches, analogue clocks, cookers and other appliances with clocks.

The European Parliament has voted to scrap the twice-a-year custom of changing the clocks by an hour in spring and autumn by 2021, leaving only national governments to now give their assent.