Saturday 7/24/21

Police to launch intense breathalyzer campaign before Christmas

Officers will be stopping and breathalyzing drivers during the coming days. Read in this article the dates when police controls will be more active.


Image: Helsinki Police Department/Poliisi.

The Finnish police is planning an intensive traffic surveillance campaign called ‘Sober in pre-Christmas traffic’ for the last two weekends of November (15–17 November and 22–24 November).

Officers will be stopping and breathalyzing drivers in the evenings and at night in particular. Patrols may also be out on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

“If you are going to a Christmas party and plan on drinking, it is best to leave your car at home and take public transport instead. Remember to wear at least one safety reflector on your outer clothing if you will be walking in the dark”, says Chief Superintendent Timo Ajaste from the National Police Board.

Against public disturbances

In addition to drunk drivers, the police will be keeping an eye out for public disturbances especially in the vicinity of licensed premises.

“Police presence outside bars and restaurants helps to prevent disorderly conduct and drunk driving”, Ajaste explains.

Drunk drivers killed or injured a total of 399 people between January and September.

“November typically has one of the highest rates of serious drunk driving accidents”, Ajaste says.