Tuesday. 31.03.2020
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Alcohol sales bump in Finland after coronavirus outbreak

Alko Business Director said, “I have not seen anything like that over 30 years of my Alko career”
Alcohol sales bump in Finland after coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus, (koronavirus, in Finnish) crises not only increased toilet paper sales in Finland. The same thing can be said also about alcohol sales.

Kari Pennanen, Business Director of Alko said to Helsingin Sanomat, “General preparedness (for quarantine) was also reflected in Alko's sales. There was growth in all products’ sales and especially in the boxed wine.”

Alko is the only store in Finland which retails beer over 5.5 percent alc/vol, wine (except in vineyards) and spirits.

Pennanen added, “The situation is really exceptional, and for over 30 years my career in Alko, I have not seen anything like that. It is impossible to predict customer numbers and sales.”

Alko shops are working normally.

Ensure safety

“We are now focused on making every effort to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. Product availability has been at a good level. We have been reviewing the situation with our suppliers and there is no shortage at the products” said Pennanen.

Estonia, for its part, has already been consulted on whether the government should somehow restrict alcohol sales as a result of the crisis. No decisions have been made, says Tanel Kiik, the Minister of Social Affairs, to the Estonian broadcaster ERR.