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6 tips on how to spend your cold and dark Finnish nights

6 tips on how to spend your cold and dark Finnish nights

Thinking how to spend the nights during winter months? This time of the year can be very giving and adventurous. Here are some tips on how to enjoy the northern European winter in Finland.

1. Winter Sports


Make the most out of the snow and ice by joining an ice hockey game in your neighborhood, going skiing, doing some ice fishing, or building a snowman. Options are limitless when it comes to winter activities. 

Exercising in the fresh cold air can be a very liberating feeling. Although try to get back home quickly after sweating in the cold as you don ́t want to catch a cold. The best ski fields can be found in the north, but there is a range of options in the southern part of Finland.

2. Sauna and Winter Swimming


Why not try something extreme and get the blood flowing. Swimming in the cold water increases blood flow and improves circulation. This can actually heal inflamed areas and relieve pain in case you got a sore neck or back. 

If you are adventurous enough to do some swimming in the sea or lake in the wintertime, make sure it's a safe place to do so. Only swim in maintained swim spots. The Finnish word for this is 'avantouiminen', meaning a hole made in the ice where you can go for a quick dip.

You might want to make sure there's a sauna close by as it's not that bad when you enter the water compared to getting out of the water. Public saunas can be found in swimming halls across the country, with some of them offering cold water swimming. You can find your nearest swimming hall by searching for it on Google with your home city name.

3. Staying Inside Watching Movies and Surfing the Internet


This option sounds the most tempting to many, and it makes sense; why would you want to go out when it’s like being in a fridge? Days are short in the wintertime, and nights can be spent in the comfort of your home watching movies, gaming with friends, reading a book, or play poker online.

A variety of options are available at the reach of your fingertips. Log in to your Netflix page, buy a video game, or join a poker game at an online casino. According to a Finnish comparison website’s nettikasinot page the older casinos are the best to play on. This is because they are the most trustworthy, and the loyal customers keep on coming back to play on these casinos.

4. Explore New Restaurants or Become a Foodie


This is a great time to try what the local restaurants have to offer. Try something new and let your taste buds go on a journey. Local cuisine might not be so exposed to the restaurant culture in Finland, but you can always ask a local or search from online how to cook authentic Finnish foods. A variety of international cuisines can be found in most of the cities. 

5. Nightlife


Northern countries are usually represented at the top of the list of alcohol consumption. Socializing in the cold, dark winter months usually requires some stiff drinks. Going to a local nightclub to dance or singing karaoke in a pub is a common way to meet some new people or hang out with friends during winter and have a lot of fun.

6. Events


Find your way into an ice hockey game at the arena. This sport is trendy, and the atmosphere at these games will be incredible. Visit some live music venues or exhibitions. There’s so much to choose from.

To Sum it Up 

These tips will get you through the cold and dark times that the northern part of the globe has to offer. We are sure that if you try just a few or even all of them, your Finnish winter will be one of the best you’ve ever had.

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