Saturday 9/18/21

Road accidents claimed 87 lives in the first half of the year

15 people were killed in June, according to Statistics Finland's data

A crashed car in the capital region. Photo:
A crashed car in the capital region. Photo:

15 people were killed and 449 injured in the 359 personal injury accidents that occurred in Finland in road traffic in June, says Statistics Finland.

The number of people killed was 4 lower and that of persons injured 9 lower than in June 2020.

The data were compared with the previous year's preliminary data.

Of the people who were killed, 10 traveled by passenger car and 3 by motorcycle. Pedestrians killed in road traffic accidents numbered 1. In addition, one other road user was killed.

Among those who died, 11 were men and four were women.

First half of the year

A total of 1,292 road traffic accidents involving personal injury happened in the January to June period. In them, 87 persons were killed and 1,570 persons injured.

The number of persons killed was 14 lower and that of persons injured 399 lower than in the corresponding period of 2020.

Of the persons who were killed, 53 travelled by passenger car, 6 by van, 1 by moped, 7 by motorcycle and 2 by lorry. Pedestrians killed numbered 11 and cyclists 4. In addition,3 other road users were killed.