Sunday 9/27/20

Foreign sea transport decreased by 15%

Passengers made up only 22% of the number of passengers in June 2019. 
Photo: Pixabay.
Photo: Pixabay.

Finnish maritime transport continues to decline in 2020. The reason is the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, which has reduced the transport of goods, vehicles and people.

According to Statistics Finland's latest figures, the goods volume of foreign sea transport was in total 7.3 million tonnes in June 2020. Sea transport decreased by 15% year-on-year. Exports decreased by 8% and were 3.9 million tonnes. Import volume decreased by 22% and amounted to 3.3 million tonnes.


Source: Statistics Finland.

General cargo was transported most, in total 1.4 million tonnes, which is 19% of all transport. The second most transported was oil products, 1 million tonnes, and chemicals, 0.6 million tonnes.

Container transport

A total of 1 million tonnes of containers were transported through Finnish ports in June 2020, which is 5% less than in June 2019.

The number of containers transported was 73,273 (131,432 TEU containers). TEU, the basic measurement unit of container traffic, refers to one container that is twenty feet long, eight feet wide and 8.5 feet high.

Exports of containers went down by 8% measured in tonnes and imports stayed unchanged compared to June 2019.

Vehicle transport

A total of 218,339 transport equipment were transported in foreign sea traffic in June. Most of them (122,982) were cars belonging to passengers.

The second most transported were trucks, 57,621 and truck trailers, 35,422.

Passenger traffic

A total of 463,447 people were transported in passenger traffic in June.

In all, 375,234 persons travelled between Finland and Estonia and 73,280 persons between Finland and Sweden.

Altogether, 9,476 passengers were transported between Finland and Latvia and 5,456 passengers between Finland and Germany.

Passengers made up only 22% of the number of passengers in June 2019. No passengers of foreign cruise ships arrived in Finland in June.

Saimaa Canal

146,567 tons of transport were registered through the Saimaa canal in foreign traffic. Timber was transported most in vessels, 76,882 tonnes.

The second most transported was crude minerals and cement.