Wednesday 10/28/20

Lidl to open two new stores in the Helsinki area next week

With these two new ones, Lidl already has 192 stores in Finland.
Photo: LIdl.

Food giant Lidl announced on Friday the imminent opening of two new stores in the Helsinki metropolitan area next week.

According to a statement from the company, on Thursday 24 September two establishments will open to the public in Vuosaari (east of Helsinki) and in Vapaala (west of Vantaa).

The new Vuosaari store will serve customers on the first floor of the Columbus shopping center, with direct access to a subway station. The Vapaala store will be located in a new Lidl facility on Vihdintie Road.

The company says both new stores represent Lidl's latest look.

"The stores are spacious, bright and in an elegant gray color," emphasizes the company, adding that the wishes expressed by customers were taken into account when planning them. That is why product-specific signs and vending machines have been installed.

Self-service cash registers

In Vuosaari's new store at Columbus shopping center, customers will be able to use also self-service cash registers.

"New solutions are always evaluated from the customer's point of view." "Self service checkouts will speed up and make it easier for customers to shop, especially during peak hours," says Antti Partanen, Lidl's regional director for Southern Finland.

This year, Lidl has opened stores in Jätkasaari (Helsinki), Parainen, Lakalaiva (Tampere) and Nastola (Lahti). With these two new ones, Lidl already has 192 stores in Finland.