Sunday 8/9/20

Lidl Finland to lower prices of hundreds of products

The price cuts will begin on Thursday 30 July and will affect all product groups.
Low prices shown on Lidl shelves. Photo: Lidl.
Low prices shown on Lidl shelves. Photo: Lidl.

Lidl has announced a general price cut, which consumers will be able to see on more than 300 products in the coming weeks.

According to a press release published on its website, the price reduction begins on Thursday 30 July and will be implemented in stages during the autumn.

The amount of the discounts will vary depending on the product. "At the extremes, from a few cents to as much as 90%," the company says.

Lidl says the price cuts will affect all product groups: dairy products, cheese, dry products, coffee and ready-cooked meals, as well as sweets, chocolates and pet food are included in the list.

The German distribution giant says these price cuts include both domestic and international products and will not affect the income of the manufacturers, but will be deducted from the stores' own profit margin.

"Investing millions"

"Cheap prices are part of Lidl's dna and that is why we have decided to lower the price of hundreds of products permanently. This is how we confirm the customer promise we made 18 years ago," says Mikko Forsström, Lidl's Commercial Director. 

"Lowering prices will be really expensive for us, we can talk about investing millions. But we believe that this news will be especially well received by Finns after the coronavirus spring," he added.

The new, discounted prices will show up in Lidl stores and normal advertising in the coming weeks.