Friday 10/23/20

5 Objective Reasons Why Finland Is a Great Place to Be

Who wouldn’t want to live in a place housing the world’s happiest population?
Time seems to pass slower when one is surrounded by nature. Photo: Pixabay.

Whether you were lucky enough to be born in Finland or you’re looking for a new place to call your home, Finland is a northern European jewel characterized by a highly-rated education system, technological advancement, beautiful natural scenery, and strong cultural awareness.

All things considered, who wouldn’t want to live in a place housing the world’s happiest population? And it’s by no means a coincidence either:

1. Motherhood yields numerous benefits

Typically, parenthood comes with some financial setbacks. After all, the little one needs new clothes every so often, a warm place to stay, and something to eat. To offset some of that burden, stay-at-home moms get to enjoy almost a full salary all year round.

On top of that, they get to enjoy free public transport. As an added bonus, the government will throw in a box filled with toddler care essentials such as toys, sheets, and clothing.

2. A mecca for metalheads

Many great metal bands such as Nightwish, HIM, and Amorphis have emerged from Finland. The cold air and a snowy atmosphere seems to produce the perfect atmosphere for writing such musical material that’s characterized by heavy guitar riffs and growling (although some metal bands sing in a normal manner).

All of this means you’ll have more than a fair share of metal festivals to choose from.

Heavy-Metal-by-PixabayHeavy guitar riffs and lyrics that often explore the darker aspects of life. Image: Pixabay.

3. Gambling is a matter of pride

Finland is a free country. Not only is gambling completely legal here, its residents tend to view it as a matter of pride.

Allegedly, a Finn will spend about 350 euros on gambling per year. Judging by the reviews presented at, there is no shortage of gambling operators in this country either, so everyone is welcome to take their pick, either online or offline.

4. Low level of crime

Finns tend to be true gentlemen, perhaps even a bit on the reserved side of things. But no matter how you perceive their global introversion, one thing is for sure: you will never have to be concerned about your belongings in this country.

At one point, Reader’s Digest performed a little experiment of their own. Out of 12 wallets deliberately left around unattended in public, 11 were returned to their rightful owner, which speaks volumes about the citizens’ honesty. Truly commendable!

5. No natural beauty is off limits

In a concept known as freedom to roam, everyone is entitled to explore Finland’s natural beauty. Yes, that includes private land!

There is one condition – disturbing the landlord in any way, shape, or form is strictly forbidden. But for those willing to honor this simple rule, there are endless forests to traverse and limitless berries and mushrooms to forage!


It seems like something you’d encounter in a fairy tale, but this is exactly the kind of scenery that you can find in Finland. Image: Pixabay.


Finland is charming and magical – if you don’t mind the freezing winter cold, that is. In contrast, its people seem to have the warmest of hearts, although they may be a little harder to befriend due to their seemingly impenetrable introversion.

But once you get through the outer layer of ice, you’ll find yourself a friendship that’s based on loyalty, respect, and mutual values.