Saturday 1/23/21

Keitä me ollaan? Almost Finns explain in this video who they are

Get to know Eric, Karim and Dawda, three foreigners in Finland struggling to adapt to this peculiar country.

<p>Almost Finns are here with the first video of their series for readers.</p> <p>Meet these three restless immigrants and discover everything you have in common with them. This will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship of friendship and laughter.</p>

Almost Finns are here with the first video of their new series for readers. In this chapter you will learn who these three restless and funny immigrants are.

Join us to follow, in the coming months, their adventures and their struggle to adapt to the peculiarities of Finland's culture and climate. You will probably discover that you have many things in common with them.

You can select the subtitles in English, Arabic, Spanish or Finnish, so as not to lose a single detail of what they say.


*Images included in this article by Almost Finns.