Saturday 1/23/21

25 ways to seem like a Finn

Eric, Dawda and Karim explain in this video how you should behave to look even more Finnish than a Finn.

Images: Almost Finns.

Does it bother you when you go down the streets or talk to people and they immediately notice that you are a foreigner?

You may be somehow depressed because you have been studying Finnish for years and trying to become invisible in order to go unnoticed and be treated like a real Finn. And still, no matter how many efforts you make, Finns always end up asking you the damn question: where are you from?

If that is your case, today you are in luck! Because the international comedians Almost Finns and will once again give you the solution to your problem.

In this video, Eric, Dawda and Karim will explain you how you should behave at home, in the streets, in the sauna or when you meet with locals if you want to seem even more Finnish than a Finn.

Select the subtitles in English, Arabic, Spanish or Finnish and do not miss any of their advice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: altogether, the recommendations included in this video make up a crash course in Finnishness not suitable for absolute beginners. So, take it easy. If after a few days of applying these tips, for example your family detects strange behaviors or changes that seriously affect your personality, we recommend that you discontinue the treatment immediately. is not responsible for the consequences that strict compliance may have.